Son of Sardar - Comedy Film

Rumours have been rife about the eminently in-demand Sonakshi Sinha doing this and that new offer. But Sonkashi has been turning down assignments with dogged regularity. In the last six months Sonakshi has signed only one film, and that’s Ashwin Dheer's comic adventure film Son Of Sardar where Sonakshi is obviously not playing the title role.

Says a source close to Sonakshi, "Nor did she play the title role in Dabangg or Joker. Salman and Akshay Kumar play the title role. But Sonakshi made her space.

She loves her role opposite Ajay Devgn in Son Of Sardar. And is in fact the only actress of her generation who is not intimidated by senior superstars... Salman, Akshay Kumar now Ajay Devgn."

However it's not as though Sonakshi is averse to working with younger co-stars. A film with Ranveer Singh is on the anvil.

At the moment Sonakshi is only confirming her presence in Son Of Sardar.

"At last some news that is true," Sonakshi chuckles, referring cleverly to various rumours about her including the latest that claims she refuses to work with Shahid Kapoor. As a matter of fact she is looking forward to working with him.

Says Sonakshi, "For now I can only say I'm looking forward to Son Of Sardar. It's the kind of role I was looking forward to for a while. I am doing this film because it’s a wonderful script, extremely funny."