Mahesh Manjrekar Play as Dad in Dabangg

Mahesh Manjrekar plays Sonakshi's dad in Dabangg

Sonakshi Sinha

A warm and dildaar Bihari father was needed for Sonakshi Sinha in Abhinav Kashyap's Dabangg. The natural choice was the actress' dad, actor Shatrughan Sinha.

And although Salman Khan personally requested Shotgun to do the needful, the older actor shied away from the temptation of sharing screen space with his beti in her debut drama.

Sonakshi Sinha, it appears, doesn't want to play his daughter's papa on screen until she's confident enough. Mahesh Manjrekar stepped into the papa's part has played it exactly like Shatrughan Sinha would.

Manjrekar Manjrekar is a bit unwilling to expose details about his part in Dabangg. "Yes I am playing Sonakshi's father. I'm not allowed to reveal details about my role. But I will say this much: After a long time I'm getting to play a cute, cuddlesome character. I was tired of playing the sleazeball in all the films I was offered."

Apparently, on seeing the rushes of Dabangg, Sinha Sr warmly congratulated Manjrekar for doing such a good job of playing his daughter's father.

Real Time Relation
But the real bonding that grew on location was between Mahesh and Salman. The two are working together in Manjrekar's Hindi adaptation of Shikshanacha Aaicha Gho. Sallu also insists that Manjrekar play a part in the Khans' next home production, as Sonakshi Sinha's father again.