Sonakshi Sinha Debut Film Dabangg

Finally, Shatrughan Sinha granted Salman Khan to launch bollywood film Dabangg with her daughter Sonakshi Sinha. The Sinha family was not agreed with the film career of Sonakshi Sinha early, but Salman Khan agreed them.

Salman Khan promised that he will take care of Sonakshi Sinha very much and now Salman is now seriously committing his promise. He advised Sonakshi Sinha to loss her weight and not to do numerous films together.

Shatrughan Sinha Said that Salman Khan understand the bollywood film industry very well, therefore he seem to be quite sure.

Mr. Sinha requested to Salman Khan that Sonakshi Sinha do debut film by mainting the name along with the reputation of the Sinha family.